Summer in New York City | July ’17

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted anything. I have A LOT of things I want to write about, I just haven’t had a ton of time to dedicate to it, SO more to come on that.

But …….today I wanted to share July’s collage vlog! Very delayed I know….but without further ado, here’s what my friends and I did in July:

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month – Drew Monson

Today I want to share a video originally posted by Drew Monson. As some of you know, I’ve been a weirdly big fan of Drew’s content for so long. When people ask what I appreciate about him though, I find it difficult to fully explain.

The majority of Drew’s content is hilarious and beyond weird. His videos are, more or less, sporadic trains of thought that are just unintentionally mesmerizing.

From the outside looking in, he’s a 22-year-old, fast food loving, turtle owning, vlogger, who isn’t afraid to share stories about his panic attacks, therapy sessions, spells of depression, and everything else in between. He’s one of the strangest content creators I’ve ever watched, and I think he’s absolutely brilliant.

He just has this ability to share stories about difficult experiences in a way that anyone watching can relate to. It’s no surprise that he has over a million Youtube subscribers – he, like any good comedian, jokes about the stuff so many of us go through, but few of us want to share.

The best way I can describe what I’m trying to say is: Drew’s content is a small insight into his life that consistently makes me feel drastically less weird and drastically less alone.

Usually, although a good amount of his content is about deep, weighty issues, it is still intended to be funny. Today I wanted to share one of his more serious videos though.

I think the way he talks about his struggles with depression and suicide is extremely important. I don’t think I can stress that enough. Without giving too much away, I just remember stumbling upon this video and being like “WOW I FINALLY FEEL SO COMPLETELY UNDERSTOOD.”


If you liked this video, I highly suggest following Drew on his social media below:
Twitter: @mytoecold
Instagram: @drewmytoecold

MHAM Post #3: One of Many Who Inspire Me – Kelsey Darragh

After a weekend spent feeling unusually low, I wanted to get the ball rolling this week with a little inspiration from someone I have admired for quite some time now.

Kelsey Darragh, if you don’t know her, now you know. Female comedian, internet content creator, and Buzzfeed producer who, for some time now, has been generating some pretty dope and hilarious videos, and a lot of seriously relatable shit too.

The video above isn’t the only one floating around Buzzfeed’s many Youtube pages that features her discussing her mental health, but it’s definitely one of my personal favorites.

I know I say it all the time, but progress isn’t always linear, you guys!! Not with anything in life, but especially not with mental health. Don’t get discouraged if you feel like you’re running in place. Don’t give up if it seems like you’re taking three steps forward just to take four steps back. Change will come. There are people, medications, therapies, resources, out there that will help you. It make take time to find the right combination that works perfectly for you, but don’t stop now.

If you want to check out more of Kelsey Darragh’s stuff you can find her here:

Twitter: @kelseydarragh
Instagram: @kelseydarraghcomedy

And tomorrowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…..keep an eye out for the first of
many pieces about mental health written by a friend of mine !!!


K HAPPY MONDAY n shit xo

An Aggressively Long Novel i.e. My Feelings on the Election!!!!

So I purposely attempted to wait a little while before
writing anything about my feelings on the election. Partially because I still
am not entirely sure how I feel, and partially because I wanted to let it sink
in a bit.

I’ll start by saying this post is going to be very different
than the post I started to write last Tuesday after voting. HAVVVVVING SAID
THAT, originally I was VERY bitter that I was so happy and hopeful on Tuesday, and then so heartbroken on Wednesday, but I don’t feel that way

I am still so
thankful that I took the day off last week to vote. It was the first election I
have voted in and I am really proud that I spent the time trying to really understand
who/what I was voting for. I am also proud that I took the day off to travel
back to Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania, as I’m sure you know, is historically a
swing state, so I feel like my trek back was worth the effort, even if the rest
of the state didn’t end up voting the way that I did.

On an unrelated note, Tuesday was also nice just because I
was home. I spent the afternoon sitting and writing at the Starbucks in the
center of town that I used to hang out at every weekend throughout my teens. It
was kind of a funny coming-of-age feeling to be there as a “mature” voting
adult, after spending so much time there as a little naïve kid. I also spent
the evening looking at houses with my mom, and eating dinner at a restaurant
she used to go to all of the time when we still lived in Doylestown. It made me
really miss home and it made me extremely excited that my mom is considering
moving back there in a couple of months. Doylestown just has such a place in my
heart (in case you couldn’t tell!!!).

It’s also just very weird but very (for lack of a better word) cool
to look back on how much I’ve changed since I was still living (full time aka
pre-college) in Doylestown. I feel like I’ve really grown into myself over the
past year or so and I’m really proud of that!

ANYWAYS onto the political part. Obviously I was not too
pleased about the election results (to put it lightly), but I am trying to be
open-minded. To start, I voted for Hillary mostly due to social reasons. I
believe that (at least for me) political views can change and fluctuate anywhere
along the liberal/conservative spectrum over time. I think that currently, as
24 year old female living in New York City, social reasons play the biggest
part in my political opinions. Maybe 10, 20, or 30 years from now that will be
different. Who’s to say that sometime in the future I won’t be more interested
in voting for economic reasons? I don’t know! But right now, as I’m sure you
have already guessed, I identify as a very liberal person. I am very passionate
about equal rights for women, LGBTQ+, POC, immigrants, etc. That is why I voted
for Hillary. As I said in my Instagram post, I wanted a strong FEMALE role
model for kids to look up to. I wanted the future little girls of America to
never doubt that they can be just as good as the boys. I wanted LGBTQ+ youth
(and adults) to feel safe in their communities. I wanted POC to feel like they
had an equal shot at whatever they strive for. I wanted there to be more advocacy to decrease the stigma surrounding mental health. I wanted immigrants to never
have to fear their potential deportation.

Obviously these dreams are a bit unrealistic. I never
genuinely assumed that, if Hillary became president, our entire country would just adopt
accepting views and automatically become filled with endless love and open-mindedness.
But my point was, that Hillary would have been an amazing step in the right
direction, just as Obama was (is). You can argue forever over whether or not Obama was a good president. Regardless, I believe that an African American in the White House was a huge, important step forward for America. Basically what I’m trying to say is, I didn’t vote for Hillary because I was
voting against Trump or something, I voted for Hillary because I support what she stands for, and because she gives me hope for the future.

**I also will be honest, I’ve watched one too many
documentaries recently about the Women’s Liberation Movement, and the 13th
Amendment, the Criminal Justice System, and Gay Rights and I’ve basically spent
the past month or so panicking even more than ever about how far we’ve come
socially, but how much further we still have to go. LOL vague statement I know…
maybe I’ll get into all of that in another post. Once I start ranting about
that stuff though, it will spiral endlessly out of control until I just start
talking about how, even if we fix every problem in the world, we will still
probably die of a natural disaster. ~See some of my prior Twitter tirades as an
example~ YEAH SO LETS NOT GO THERE. Not a pretty sight!! Not a rational

So liiiiiiiike Trump is the next president. Sick!!! I spent
most of last Tuesday night watching the poll results and panicking, until I finally
fell asleep around 1am, had not one, not two, but THREE nightmares that Trump
won the election, and then woke up to the realization that he actually really
did win. My first reaction was to cry. I was frustrated, angry, and
embarrassed. Embarrassed by how I thought the majority of the country agreed
with the way I was voting. Angry that a woman still wasn’t going to be
president. And frustrated that an idea I thought was a joke a year ago just
became reality.

My next reaction was to fight back. At first I thought that,
because Trump was elected, this must mean the majority of the country didn’t
care about the social issues that I cared about. I couldn’t understand how
anyone would vote for him knowing his morals and past actions. I immediately wrote
a lengthy Instagram post about my feelings. By this time, Hillary was giving
her concession speech. Obviously I wept as I watched, I’m sure most people who
support her did. Her speech was filled with so much love and hope and passion
that it broke my heart. Then I took a break, and tried to consider other
people’s viewpoints. I tried to think logically about why and how Trump could
have won the election after I was so convinced Hillary was going to blow him out
of the water.

I came to the conclusion that this election result is not entirely
bad! I’m sure plenty of people have probably made these same points, but here
is my reasoning:

  1. Setbacks
    just teach us to fight harder.
    The fact that I basically assumed Hillary
    would win without question just means that I was a little naïve with regards to how progressive
    our country currently is (or isn’t). Trump’s win is the shock that should show us (aka
    anyone who is passionate about fighting for human rights) that the fight is
    nowhere near over. With this setback, we can find the passion and drive to
    fight for the equality everyone deserves, now more so than ever.
  2. This one
    is a stretch…
    but Trump used to be a Democrat, and I’ve read some
    articles (although I can’t guarantee they’re even remotely reliable… heh) about how his actions
    during this election could MAYBE have been purposely exaggerated to grab the
    attention/win the votes of the middle of America that tends to be more strongly
    conservative. I can’t say how much I believe this point, but hey, I’m including in anyway. Optimism AMIRITE!!! Don’t read my content if you’re looking for totally factual information because I’m tellin’ ya now, I ain’t supplyin’ that!! But my point in this is…… maybe he’ll chill the EFF out a little when he gets into
    office. It doesn’t seem like that yet, but cross your fingers, ok.
  3. On a more serious note, we as a
    nation are strong enough to fight back.
    Look at the statistics. 55% of our
    country is in favor of gay marriage, 56% of us are in favor of abortions
    being/staying legal, 58% of the nation supports universal health care, 64% of
    the country believes in global warming, and 59% of believe that immigration is
    more helpful than hurtful. SOOO if Trump wants to make massive changes that
    negatively impact these wildly supported concepts, we have the numbers in our
    favor. We have to use this to our advantage.
  4. This has
    opened my eyes to how the internet (kind of) blinded me from the truth.
    majority of people I follow and websites I visit are verrry liberal. I
    purposely follow a lot of powerful women and LGBTQ+/POC online because I like
    seeing their strong, powerful, hopeful messages and I love promoting their
    content. It was so easy for me to assume that because 90% of the media I’m
    consuming is liberal, that 90% of the country must be just as liberal too. That
    is soooo far from the truth. This has reminded me that there is a whole
    plethora of viewpoints out there that I should be more aware of. We have to
    step outside our bubbles to really see the full story sometimes.
  5. Not
    everyone who voted for Trump hates gays or women or people of color.
    A lot
    of people I know who voted for Trump did so for economic reasons. A lot of very
    intelligent people I might add. I can’t and shouldn’t judge these people,
    because in my opinion, like I said before, we all have different motives behind
    our votes. I’m not saying I approve of Trump or am willing to overlook his
    negativities. I am saying that not everyone voted for him because they want to
    deport immigrants, or criminalize abortions, or overturn the legalization of
    gay marriage. I know it’s easy to immediately judge someone who disagrees with
    your opinions, but I’m trying really hard to be open minded and understanding.
    And I’m trying to remind myself that this country is still filled with many
    more good people than bad.
  6. Change
    can still happen on a smaller scale too.
    Even if Hillary had won, there
    would still be plenty of racist, sexist, homophobic/transphobic, etc etc, over-all judgmental
    people in this country. We can help to change the views of these people on a
    smaller scale. We can support local organizations and safe-spaces right now! We
    can donate our time and money to the places that we believe in. I currently am
    working on finding ways to support Planned Parenthood and the Trevor Project! You can find tons of awesome places/organizations like that too! 
  7.  We can
    use our voices!! Right now!!
    I love communities like YouTube for example,
    that have become a space for people of all walks of life to share their
    experiences. I follow so many amazing people on YouTube and I watch week after
    week as these people are influencing hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide
    with their stories. I purposely follow a lot of young gay/lesbian/trans people
    because I love seeing how they’re teaching so many others to be comfortable in
    their skin. I also follow a lot of people who openly talk about their struggles
    with physical disabilities and mental illnesses. I follow comedians, activists,
    and a lot of kewl passionate young kids who are trying to do awesome things.
    Although I am not creating content like these people, I openly support them
    with my subscriptions, likes, and comments. I also try to share content that I
    find specifically influential with a wider audience on my social media platforms.  I think it’s really important to show your support for these people!! It’s fucking terrifying to share your true and honest self
    with the world. These people receive a lot of negative feedback for their
    content. It’s important to express to them that you support what they’re doing! It
    really really helps, I’m telling you! This applies to anything, not just
    YouTube. From a post on social media, to a protest on the street, if you agree
    with it, let them know! And if you want to share your beliefs and experiences
    too, do it! Even if people disagree, I’m telling you that people will support you
    and I’m telling you it’s worth it. Fight for the change/equality/acceptance that
    you believe in. You will feel proud and empowered, I promise.

IT? IDC EITHER WAY HA!! On a sort of funny note, I’ve already lost 8 followers on
Instagram this week based on my past three liberally-swayed posts lol. I really
thought that would be something that upset me, but it honestly makes me feel
proud. I am proud that I spoke my mind and shared what I believe in. If people
disagree so much that they don’t want to continue to follow me that is fine by

I have plenty of friends with differing opinions and we can still mutually respect
each other. I think that’s how it should be! There will always be Republicans
and there will always be Democrats. For everything you support, there is going
to be at least one person that is going to oppose it. That is just the way life

But hopefully some parts of this post made at least a little bit of sense!!?! I’m still working through my feelings and opinions honestly. So who knows,
maybe a couple months from now my outlook on all of this will have changed
again. But for now, this long rant is how I feel. Hopefully Trump doesn’t fuck
shit up and we all live happily ever after!!!!!!!!!!!!! ‘Murica, amirite? 


 But seriously, let me know your thoughts/opinions too? If you want?